Michigan Guidebook


Getting Lost at Michigan

Print Design, 2016

I am constantly googling maps, trying to prep myself for the inevitable: getting lost. The University of Michigan campus is a big place. I created this guidebook to point out 12 buildings that I have personally found tricky to navigate. I intended the audience of this guide to be new students—or other people like me, who are a little lacking in the cognitive mapping ability. 

I wanted this guidebook to be very whimsical and light-hearted. I stuck to a hand-drawn, doodle-styled illustration for my maps and key buildings. I wrote the copy to be humorous—although getting lost isn't fun (especially as a freshman in college), I wanted this guidebook to convey that getting lost isn't a big deal, that most people will find themselves lost in these buildings at least once. The language plays on Michigan-specific experiences and appeals to someone who might be nervous about navigating the campus for the first time. 

Below: the full guidebook.