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Video Game Design

At hospital waiting rooms, there is a lot of waiting—which at best, can be simply boring, and at worst, can contribute to stress about the upcoming appointment. And many waiting rooms are not meant to entertain, as they are designed with another goal in mind: cleanliness. For sanitation reasons, many toys and games have been removed from hospital waiting rooms because they spread germs between kids. To solve the problem, I designed a game to be played in a children's hospital waiting room on the child's (or parent's) own mobile device. The game would be activated by scanning a vinyl sticker located in on the waiting room wall (which functions like a QR code) with a mobile phone. Scanning the sticker would link to the game, where children could play in a web browser. 

The game takes place in a hospital, too. It is a fantasy maze game that follows Alien Girl and Robot Boy. Robot Boy has a glitch (illness) which caused memory loss and needs Alien Girl to save him by finding his loss memories. Though children are the protagonists of the game, a doctor-like figure guides the player through the game and provides instruction. This familiarizes the user with the image and role of the doctor before their appointment. 

The game's colors, soundtrack, and movements are soothing to both entertain the patient and calm their nerves before their appointment. 


Play the game here