Blush Bakery

Blush bakery

Branding, Package Design 2016



I created a logo, custom pattern, and package design for the fictitious brand, Blush Bakery. The brand is casual and playful, sporting a blush pink and chocolate brown as its main colors. These colors are complemented by green and khaki to emphasize the three different flavors of cookies. The logo is a hand-drawn script, followed by a heart—which reiterates Blush's mantra, "as always baked with love."

I drew a pattern for the background of the packaging that features hearts, baking tools, and the word "yum!" to play into the whimsical, happy style of the brand. 

The cookie bites come packaged in a small silver tin with a wrap-around label. The label is mostly brown with pops of color to pull out the logo, the text, and the flavor of the cookie.