I'm Ashley—an artist, designer and writer from Michigan. 


howdy partner 🤠

I'm Ashley. I am a designer, illustrator, and sometimes writer. I also get a kick out of houseplants, frozen desserts, sentimental 80s pop, and taking photos of weird signsI’m fascinated (read: obsessed) with suburban landscapes, lawns, and other oddities found in our built environment. I’ll always be a Michigander at ❤️ but right now you can find me in the Bay Area, patiently waiting for The Big One™️ and working as a visual designer at IBM.

Inquiries, hellos, and your best Star Wars theories can be sent on over to bockashley@gmail.com.

And in the meantime, here’s a few things that I love:

  • This blog documenting the hellscape of McMansions that plague this country.

  • Everything Liz Pelly writes.

  • This painting, a favorite of mine.

  • Walking past this spot on a rainy night.

  • This dessert truck in Austin that was so delightful it made me shed a few tears.